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Crib sheets

Incredibly easy to make crib sheets for my little girl! No more blue stripes and boy sheets leftover from her brother. Probably took me 30 minutes to do these, including the inevitable interruptions from the brownies. Advertisements

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Lost bunny

Tragedy struck today: we forgot Bunny at grandma’s house. It was inevitable. Had to happen some time. But Brownie #2 wailed and wailed until she could wail no more. We will get Bunny back tomorrow, don’t worry. In other news…I’m … Continue reading

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Paris Party

We went to Paris today! We flew in a private jet usually known as the “minivan.” there were no wings, so we had to flap our arms. There was lots of turbulence, causing the kids to bounce up and down … Continue reading

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The Writing Creed

There are certain types of books I do not want to write. A certain type of author I do not want to be. So far, my writing creed: 1. I do not write romances. Romantic elements are okay, but they … Continue reading

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One Year

One year from now, I will have a completed book. I’m focusing on the code-named “French Hotel” story. I have nearly 40,000 words down, but most of it is, of course, useless. The most important thing is that I have … Continue reading

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