Paris Party

We went to Paris today!
We flew in a private jet usually known as the “minivan.” there were no wings, so we had to flap our arms. There was lots of turbulence, causing the kids to bounce up and down in their seats.
We visited the Eiffel tower (made out of curling ribbon taped to the wall) and built a new tower out of blocks, then promptly knocked it over, of course.

We visited the Louvre, admired the art, and added some of our own.


We rode in the Tour de France with bicycle exercises.
We were going to play escargot, French hopscotch, but that got rained out.
And we ran a treasure hunt deep in the catacombs of Paris where we found berets waiting for us. I used this pattern to make them out of old shirts. Easy!


All in all, it was a great trip. We ended with lunch in a cafe, with pretzel snails, strawberries, and quiche. Yum!


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