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Published on February 16, 2012

That’s my goal: to have this book published by February 16, 2012. Remember that checklist I made? I just filled in all the dates and publication works out to be February 16. Of course, things could go amazingly well and I could … Continue reading

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The end of publishing…as we know it.

Today’s post on A Newbie’s Guide To Publishing is captivating. The end of publishing? As far as we know it–yes. Joe hits it right-on at the end: the big 6 will fizzle out, but new publishers, like Amazon, might be able … Continue reading

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That’s how many words I have in my book so far. 34,901. Good words. Of course, 90% of everything you write gets tossed, but this 34,901 represents, for the most part, that leftover 10%. At least from the first run. … Continue reading

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The Checklist to make my dreams come true

Gather scattered notes, snippets of story, etc, into one massive document. TODAY. RIGHT NOW. Stop blogging, Alicia and do it. Research: complete timeline 421-end of Thucydides by 9/1/11 Write each person’s story (snowflake) 1 week/person Look at overall arc, etc. … Continue reading

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Anyone know what kind of bug this is? It’s pretty big and lives in the trees. Makes a loud noise (in chorus with others of its kind) that’s between a creak and a buzz. I rarely see them– in fact, … Continue reading

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