Speaking of free ebooks…

I actually looked at the libraries I have cards to (4 or 5…) and several have Kindle books available to borrow!

This is exciting stuff. And while the selection is smallish, there are several books I’m very interested in reading. And the supply is as close to demand as physical books at the library are: sometimes you’ve got to wait for that one person to return the book, sometimes there are eighty copies of a popular book but a waiting list three miles long, but most of the time the book you want is right there, waiting for you.

This could be the game changer for me. We’ll see.

The major drawback of ebooks from the library is the horrendous searching options. There are about five categories in each fiction and non-fiction books (I may be exaggerating slightly, but not by much), so searching by category isn’t useful. The search bar doesn’t seem to give me results I want when I’m just browsing, either. So I’ll likely find books the way I’ve been increasingly finding print books–see them elsewhere (like Amazon), hear about them elsewhere (book blogs, GoodReads), and then do a separate search on the library’s OverDrive page.

OverDrive seems to be the prevalent (maybe only, anyone know?) company that’s providing ebooks for libraries. The local libraries I belong to all use it. Search and see if your library does, too, and let me know what you think!

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