ROW80 challenge: going strong

My ROW80 challenge is to write 1,000 words a day.

Thursday 10/13: Wrote 1019 words by 6:20 am… then kept writing to finish up the scene by 6:54 with 1435 words. Exciting!

Friday 10/14: 107 words. Yeah, I’m not missing a digit. Only got 1/10 of my goal in today. But I’m okay with that. Not so okay if it happens frequently.

Saturday 10/15: 1013 words by 6:58 am. Last scene of the first act! Exciting.

Week total: 5320 words. Nearly finished with the first act of my novel. Success.

Monday 10/17: 1037 words, but not on my novel–on a different story. Also wrote out an outline for that story. I only wrote something along the lines of 100 words on my novel. I’m stuck on a tough scene.

Tuesday 10/18: 1138, surprisingly. By 7:15 am. The scene is just as tough, mostly because my outline for it is so vague and ill-defined. So I skipped the uncertain part and am writing out the battle sequence. Once I got started, the writing went pretty quickly.

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3 Responses to ROW80 challenge: going strong

  1. Fallon says:

    that’s really great progress! I know when I get stuck on a scene I usually just keep banging my head against it(not literally, obviously. lol). I have trouble moving onto another one until I get it done.

  2. Ryan King says:

    Looks like you’re doing well. Don’t worry about that one day. Every road has a pothole somewhere. Keep it up!

  3. Tia Bach says:

    I commend your progress. Plus, I got a little chuckle when you noted you weren’t missing a digit on the 107 word day. 😉

    You should pat yourself on the back for the word totals. Writing consistently is a blessing and help you work out kinks and keep the ideas flowing.

    Oh, and I LOVE your blog header. Gorgeous!

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