I got a Kindle!

I got a Kindle Touch for my birthday!! (Thanks, Mom and Dad!)

LOVE it. I read a lot more. Partially because I can check out a lot of books from the library without actually having to GO (which is kind of hard right now with 3 small kids). And I don’t rake up all these fees for my inevitable late returns.


  • Page refresh works great. I was worried it would take too long, but it’s not noticeable while I’m reading.
  • I can keep lots of different books with me, for whatever my mood dictates.
  • It’s thin, but a good size and shape. Reading with the Kindle in a cover feels close enough like I’m holding an actual physical book.
  • There are LOTS of free books from the library and free out of copyright books from the Kindle store. I’ve read pretty much all the Sherlock Holmes stories this way.
  • I like being able to change font size. I have it pretty small most of the time, but at night when I’m tired or it’s a little dark, I use a larger font.
  • Syncing is nice. I have the Kindle app on my phone. It’s not great for reading ALL the time (the screen is too small to enjoy), but for those times when I have a few free moments but don’t have my Kindle with me, I can continue to read, right where I left off at.
  • You can organize books into folders. So far I have one folder for things I’ve written and another for the “sorry your library book has expired” letters for all the library books I want to renew.
  • I sent the story I’m working on to my Kindle. It looks great. Just as professional and real as a published story.


  • It’s SLOW to type. It doesn’t always keep up with me. Not a big deal most of the time, but I have it password protected and it can’t keep up with the 4 digits if I type them at a normal rate.
  • I have a password because my kids selected to buy a $120 special offer. Fortunately, the wireless was off when they did so and the purchase did not go through. I have no idea if there are returns on the special offers, so I waited until the special offer expired before risking turning on the wireless.
  • The ultimate drawback of any ebook reader is trying to train myself to browse books differently. You’re not looking at shelves in the library, neatly organized with pretty covers. You’re looking at a list of title names.
  • TEMPTATION to spend a million dollars at Amazon. I’ve had the Kindle for 2 months now and haven’t succumbed yet, so there’s hope. Hopefully the library will continue to get books I’m interested in so I can keep resisting.
  • You can click on certain areas of the page to turn forward, back, and to toggle the menu.  Sliding your finger on the screen takes you elsewhere (chapter forward or back). That’s great, but sometimes I click and it takes me to page 1 and resets the furthest page read to page 1, so I have to find my place manually (I can’t just choose “go to furthest page read” from the menu). I thought it was just a glitch or I clicked wrong, but it’s happened a few times now.

Despite the drawbacks, overall the Kindle is fabulous. If you like to read a lot. I’d say most people aren’t really going to benefit from having a device solely devoted to reading ebooks, because most people don’t read much anyway. But for those of us who consume books, the Kindle is fantastic.

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