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Moving to

I’m moving over to As I take the first steps to becoming a professional–a real, dedicated professional–I figured I’d do the same with my blog. See you over there! Advertisements

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The Awkward First Draft

I’m uneasy (and grumpy!) because I have NO IDEA what I’m doing now. I have nearly 50,000 words written in my book. I have 4 scenes left to write. Once those are done, I’ll be in the mysterious frontier of … Continue reading

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What Cowboys & Aliens teaches about writing

Okay, so Cowboys & Aliens was actually good. I expected it to be barely watchable. I mean, aliens in a western? It’s ridiculous. Except it’s not really about Aliens. Or cowboys. It’s about people. Individuals. People changing. People becoming better, … Continue reading

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I got a Kindle!

I got a Kindle Touch for my birthday!! (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) LOVE it. I read a lot more. Partially because I can check out a lot of books from the library without actually having to GO (which is kind … Continue reading

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Ebooks and instant dictionary

Surfing the internet is great, but in my current pregnancy moodiness, I found Pinterest and blog-hopping becoming more and more depressing, since I can’t actually DO any of the amazing ideas I was finding. So I took a break from … Continue reading

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Taxes: deduct your contact lens solution!

Normally, I wait until April to do my taxes, but since I have a baby due then, I’m getting them out of the way now. Did you know you can deduct the cost of your contact lens solution? Put it on Schedule … Continue reading

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Preschool and pregnancy

I created this great preschool schedule, but being pregnant slowed that way down. We have done a few fun learning activities, though: Cornstarch and water Lots of painting on our new easel: Playing in the sandbox I made: I painted … Continue reading

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